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spy bluetooth earpiece

Spy Digital Bluetooth Earpiece

Product Code: BE1007

Spy digital earpiece is a mini wireless inductive receiver, through which clear voice is heard.It is an exclusive device.The the color of the earpiece resembles with our skin, so, when inserted in the ear, no one can detect it.

Key features:

  • The mini digital earpiece is a wireless inductive receiver, it transforms the audio signal via electromagnetic induction.
  • It is an ideal device for covert communication.
  • Spy Digital Earpiece has inbuilt microphone, through which the clear voice is received.
  • The device consists of specialized chip, shell,faceplate,door handles.

  • Transmission range: to earpiece :10-20cm, to cell phone :max 10 meter
  • Bluetooth version: 3.0
  • Talking time: max 6h
  • Standby time: max 48h
  • Match password: 0000 or 1111

Package contents:
  • Only digital earpiece

How to operate the device:

Insert the spy digital earpiece in the ear canal.Start the Bluetooth and you will able to do two way communication.The Hotspot is lightweight, conceals in the ear and is easy to wear, as it has anatomic design. Mini wireless earpiece consists of specialized chip, shell, faceplate, battery door, handle and etc. Open the battery door, install the battery and push the battery door to the battery box.

It is an ideal device for listening the information , it can be used in the examination hall for listening the answers, in meetings for listening the contents.
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