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spy bluetooth earpiece

4.5 Watt Spy GSM Neckloop For Spy Earpiece

Product Code: BE1034

The 4.5 Watt Spy GSM Neckloop for spy earpiece is designed with the latest nanotechnology.The device is suitable for hidden communication via mobile phone networks.The neckloop conceals within the garment so no one can suspect you for using the spy gadget.

Key features:

  • The optimized coil within the device creates a strong power for earpiece.
  • The 4.5 spy GSM neckloop can support work with micro nano earpiece.
  • The device has inbuilt sensitive 38Db microphone, which can pick, even the voice of the whisper.
  • 4.5 Watt Spy GSM Neckloop for spy earpiece

  • Microphone-35dB
  • Inbuilt rechargeable battery-920mAh
  • It supports 6 hours talking time and get complete charged in 4hours.

The developed GSM neckloop has a inbuilt dual band GSM module that works in both the four band mobile phone networks. After inserting the GSM SIM card turn on the power, then it will automatically receive the calls from the other mobile phone.

The inductive coil creates strong signals to drive the earpiece within the range of 60cm. The microphone picks the voice without any noise, and so your partner will listen, exactly what you have said that too at the real time.The GSM neckloop hidden in the garments, so no one can determine that you using a spy gadget.The GSM neckloop has an inbuilt rechargeable battery.
The device can be used in meetings,conference, examinations,and for spying. 4.5 Watt Spy GSM Neckloop for spy earpiece is available in Delhi.India at retail shops,online and at the leading spy company .For the best products, contact Action India Home products.We provide the best product at an affordable price and free demonstration of our product.