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spy bluetooth earpiece

Spy Bluetooth Walkie Talkie Earpiece Set

Product Code: BE1029

Spy Bluetooth Walkie Talkie Earpiece Set imparts a wireless connection for secret communication.The device can be used in those are where cell phones are restricted.It can be used in casinos,by police officers and etc.The kit includes an inductive micro earpiece, a button battery, a wallet transmitter and complete set of a walkie-talkie.

Key features:

  • The spy gadget features sound reminding functions.
  • 3W output power
  • The frequency range of Spy Bluetooth Walie Talkie Earpiece set is 400.000~470.000MHZ
  • The device has 99 frequency channels for smooth communication.
  • The screen of the walkie-talkie has LCD Apheliotropic lights,it enables the user to see the screen in dark light also.
  • The kit of Spy Bluetooth Walie Talkie Earpiece includes Earphones,microphones,through which the communication is possible easily.

  • UHF Frequency-400~470Mhz
  • Rated voltage- Dc6.0v(5pcs,it can be recharged by Nickel Hydrogen Battery)]
  • Antenna Disposition: Inductive loaded Antenna
  • Antenna Impedance -50ohm

Package contents
  • A Inductive Micro Earpiece, A Button Battery, A Wallet Transmitter And A Full Set Of 3W Walkie-Talkie.

How to operate the device:

The Device Is Easy To Operate, with a single touch, you can reply back.Install the button battery into the earpiece and insert the micro earpiece in the ear canal.Then put the wallet transmitter into the shirt, coat or any garment.The wireless Earpiece can receive the signal, which are sent from the wallet transmitter, when you have to communicate via walkie-talkie.
The micro earpiece(inserted in the ear canal) receives the signals.The distance between the wallet and the earpiece should not be more 80cm.
Spy Bluetooth Walie Talkie Earpiece set can be used in school examinations,meetings and for investigation.