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spy bluetooth earpiece

Spy Wirelees Earpiece Bluetooth Set

Product Code: BE1033

The Spy Bluetooth Earpiece set is designed with the latest technology.The set consists of an advance wireless earpiece receiver for secret communication and the inductive loop.The micro earpiece is inserted in the ear canal and the inductive loop is hidden under the garments, so no one can detect the earpiece.

Key features:

  • The earpiece and inductive loops with the mobile phone, radiophones for two way communication.
  • The gadget can also be used to play the sound using the portable sound player, it can be an mp3 player, a Dictaphone.
  • The wireless communication to the earpiece or hearing aid size:5*7*10cm

  • Shape :anatomical
  • Receiver type :magnetic or analog
  • Maximum volume: 110Db.
  • Battery :Sony sr416sw/337
  • Battery life: 15h.
  • Net weight: 0.8g
  • Interference:<2%

How to operate the device:

Set loopset in our neck and connect it to a device - Mobile phone, MP3 Player or other device. Close the battery case and insert the earpiece in your ear.Pair it with the compatible device Put the battery like on the picture.. The device can be used in meetings,conference, examinations,and for spying.
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